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Usman Pimred Postnewstime : Prioritize Health and Safety, No News Worth Life


City of Tangerang || Gerbang News

Pimpred Postnewstime, Usman, urges all postnewstime members wherever they are to maintain and maintain each other’s health and comply with all provisions according to health protocols issued by the government and health authorities.

Usman even hopes that every journalist/representative can be an example for the surrounding residents regarding compliance with the provisions according to the health protocol.

This was conveyed by Usman after receiving information from a postnewstime supervisor who is currently undergoing treatment due to exposure to Covid-19 and is currently in self-isolation. “Many times, the postnewstime chief executive officer has appealed to all members and administrators and their staff to always comply with the health protocols issued by the central and regional governments.

Even various coverage activities must keep a distance and stay away from crowds, and always wear a mask, wear gloves, and carry hand sanitizer on Sundays. 04/07/21.

Usman emphasized, “If you carry out reporting duties anywhere, keep your distance, if there are face-to-face interviews, keep wearing masks to avoid the Covid-19 virus, take care of yourself and your family’s health,” said Usman.

The appeal is a reminder that Indonesia’s current environmental conditions are not safe from a health perspective.

“I hope to reduce face-to-face interviews and completely eliminate activities outside the home, at least during the Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) policy. person to person.” He concluded “We pray for our coaches and our colleagues who are being affected by Covid-19 to get well soon”. ( Red )

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